Denture Services

Elderly CoupleIf you are looking for denture services in the Dripping Springs area, we have what it takes to make you smile!

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Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are sometimes called temporary dentures. These dentures are inserted the same day as extractions. They will need to be relined or remade when complete healing takes place, which may take up to a year.

Full Replacement Dentures

We have several different qualities of replacement dentures to satisfy every budget. Bell Springs Dental can get your smile back in a jiffy, whether you are replacing an older set, just want to update your smile, or need a spare set just in case.Dental Services ChairDental Office

Implant Supported Dentures

Lower dentures wiggle and slip much more than top dentures. Although this is a fact of life, you can alleviate the frustration with a relatively new solution. An overdenture is a lot like the dentures you already have, only it fits over two or four implants that are strategically placed in your lower jaw. Dr. Halm can place these implants here in our office, or we can refer you to an oral surgeon with discounted prices. Call us if you are tired of your wiggly lower denture!

Partial Dentures

You can smile and eat confidently again with the help of a custom partial denture created just for you at Bell Springs Dental. Implants, bridges and root canals are expensive. Partial dentures offer an affordable option if you are missing one, a few, or many teeth, and partial dentures stay in place much better than full dentures.

Repairs and Relines

We also do repairs and relines! If you have a broken denture or are experiencing any discomfort, a quick repair may be all that's necessary. Generally, we are able to make repairs and adjustments the same day. A denture reline involves resurfacing the side of your denture that’s in contact with the soft tissues in your mouth. Denture relines make your dentures fit more securely.  Give us a call at 512-858-2201 to learn more about the repairs and relines we can do for you.

"Bell Springs Dental changed my life. I had not smiled for years. The staff is so warm and welcoming. I now have new dentures (at 62) and I smile all the time. Best visit of my life at a dentist office and Dr. Carol LaRue is so skilled and gentle. I am so pleased and happy. I highly recommend!"
Pamela Stone
"I had implants many years ago and dentures to fit over my implants. As time went on and the denture became looser I sought a dentist close by so I didnt have to go to Austin. One local dentist tried but they didnt know what they were doing. I went to another dentist and they made the dentures to fit over my implants but I could not wear them.

I spend to much money already and had nothing to show for it. When I learned that the Denture Shop has changed ownership and changed the name to Bell Springs Dental and gotten a new laboratory technician I decided to give them a try. Dr. LaRue and the new technican remade my dentures. Now I have some new pretty dentures over my implants and I can eat anything I want. I am very pleased and I recommend Bell Springs To everyone."
"I always had a beautiful smile. After years of teeth being loose, breaking and me being so self-concious of my smile, I would feel people were looking straight at my mouth and my brown and missing teeth. I'm so glad I ended up with Dr. LaRue and her super helpful staff. I now can't help but look in the mirror and smile. Wow, what a difference. The procedure was easy! I'm very excited and pleased with my new smile. Thank you, Dr. LaRue and all of your staff!"
Bob LaPlante

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